Kinect Development

Kinect Development

Control your computer with a wave of your hand! Now popular with Xbox 360 users, Kinect is a motion sensing input device created by Microsoft. Microsoft has made this device available for not only the Xbox 360, but also Windows PCs. As Microsoft is expanding the spectrum of use for the Kinect, Ardent is also developing ground-breaking apps for both the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. With Kinect’s technology and Ardent expertise, the possibilities are limitless!

Ardent designs and develops unique and user-friendly Kinect interfaces that feel fluid and natural to use.

At Ardent, we are hard at work experimenting with all the ways that the Kinect device can be used. Click here to read our latest blog entry about the Kinect.

Ardent’s team is developing new and unique Kinect apps. Stay tuned to see what Ardent will develop for the Kinect next!

Soon, Ardent will have a line-up of Kinect apps available for purchase. Check back often to see what Ardent can offer you.