ASP.NET Development


Microsoft .Net is a software development framework developed by Microsoft that allows cross language development along with providing a large standard library. Ardent is one of the leading offshore development firm in the field of web application development based on .Net platform.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals have hands on experience on ASP.Net,C#,VB.Net Our . Net application development services enable our customers to integrate their systems more rapidly and in more responsive manner and help in getting secured information on any device.

Ardent ‘s work on Microsoft.Net architecture includes:-
bullet   AJAX implementation of .Net
bullet   Advanced ADO.Net features
bullet   Web services extension
bullet   PDF to Doc conversion
bullet   Custom Remoting
bullet   WebForms
bullet   WinServices
bullet   Security(Code access permission, cryptography usage)
bullet   Serialization
bullet   Deployment(web deployment, auto upgrades)
bullet   Compact framework(web services collaborations,SQL Server)
bullet   Advance Data Set management, caching, synchronization, automation of data access layer.
bullet   Reporting (Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) and many more…..

Because of affluence of skilled and professional resources on Microsoft platform our pricing structure are kept extremely competitive, ensuring that our customers receive a best solution for comparatively low cost.