News & Events

new_eventWe believe as well as prefer to stay in touch with our clientele all the time and keep them informed about the time to time activities taking place at ‘Ardent’. There are an immense numbers of sources including the achieves, newsletter, as well as the press releases through which you can attain time to time news and updates on the events resulting out of our company.

Daily News

Our daily news service is certainly one of the key measures to enhance the knowledge of the people who are directly or indirectly linked with us. It is not only termed as business accountability but a social responsibility as well to inform our clients, associates as well as the general public regarding what is happening around them. We know that the key projects and the topics associated with our daily news will definitely influence the activities and needs of the people.

Upcoming Events

With the detailed listing of the upcoming events, you can easily understand and come across all the business and non business activities of Ardent taking place in the recent phase of time. The participation in these events will definitely contribute to the inclusive growth of the people. You can get benefited with the details of the upcoming events via the press releases, or by making direct visit to the specific column available in the website. If you can consistently stay within the touch of all the information on the upcoming events, then it is completely assured that nothing can actually create obstruction to your success. The focus and themes scheduled for the upcoming events are well extracted and analyzed and will uplift your comprehension to an enormous extent.